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EDL's goal is to financially help low income individuals if chosen. They have helped someone in need each month for the past nine years. Unfortunately, they cannot financially help everyone. Read what some of their clients have said about the organization below.

Sam Curtis
Sam Curtis
I am So Very Grateful to EDL for their Kindness in helping me with a huge electric bill that I am unable to pay. Worrying about my electricity being turned off has not been good for my health! THANK YOU EDL!!
Grace Fahlstedt
Grace Fahlstedt
I have just joined EDL and I am delighted to share what an amazing experience I have had in my short time with the Elderly Disabled Living Charity. I joined as a member recently. I have been ill for a number of years now and I have lost my mobility in my legs and my hands. I live in a walk-up apt. building in NYC and have basically been bed bound housebound for 9 years. I need to relocate and first hire someone to help me purge and pack my apt. Soon after joining EDL, I was surprised by email from them letting me know that I had won a giveaway of a small but generous sum. I will use this to hire someone to begin helping me to purge and pack up my apt. I will need a lot more help after that, of course, but now I am putting my faith in the Universe and EDL. Wonderful Charity!!!
Lorie Soul Support
Lorie Soul Support
Oh my goodness where do I begin. You never realize until your health is failing how much you would appreciate good days. I have had my health failing for some time now. I love life I love the gardening and walks in the park. My body will no longer allow me to do these things. I have Marfan syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, 4th stage osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple severe spine problems from neck to tail. I am degenerating because of Marfan syndrome which makes all the other conditions amplified. I have lost half my bone density and I'm now losing soft tissue. I was so excited to hear hospice was going to come in and help but got quickly disappointed because they do not take my Medicaid. EDL is an angel that swooped in when no one else cared about this soul and saw fit to help me. I cannot tell you enough gratitude for the feeling I have from someone caring for me. I have felt so lonely and it was very hard to navigate the system who would ever think that you could be denied hospice I didn't. The most important thing I want to express is the gratitude for EDL stepping in and thinking that I matter and making me feel I do. God bless EDL for their kindness empathy and a heart that God would be proud of Sincerely from my heart Lorie J Floener
Shaun Holifield
Shaun Holifield
The Elderly or Disabled Living organization has proved to be an amazing resource for financial help when it was very much needed. They were very communicative, helpful during the application process & overall a pleasure to deal with. Any elderly or disabled folks should look into this organization if they need help during these trying times. So glad I reached out to them.
Tara Nelson
Tara Nelson
EDL has been a total blessing and GODSEND! They are the ONLY place that was able to help my elderly & disabled Mother financially for a move that has been very costly, thank you so much!
Shannyn Cobb
Shannyn Cobb
Was truly a blessing- and I do not use that word often. Was unbelievable how much of a unexpected relief it was, to learn that after contacting EDL about not being able to pay to install the internet that I need for school, in my new wheelchair accessible apartment- that they were able to help me. After trying to juggle a million different things alone, with a spinal cord injury- it was so nice to feel like someone had my back- and they did! Thank you EDL!
Stellar Drew
Stellar Drew
Because I live on the $489/mo I receive from disability, I do not have enough for basic means like internet or trash, definetly not any insurance outside of Medicare. This causes such stress & pressure on me every day of my life. But because of the compassion of those at EDL, I have an emergency need that can be met and a day in life I can enjoy..even if only one. They are a blessing from God. All I could do were rosaries and faith to survive recently and found grace in the generosity of those souls at EDL. They'll never really know about their ability to save so many lives thru the ripple affect they create thru real care & understanding of the truth of those on fixed income.
Creative Diva
Creative Diva
EDL is given 5 stars due to their sincere compassionate assistance to those who are in need. EDL listens/hears the words you write as a cry of help. They cannot help everyone BUT those fortunate to receive assistance has had their virtual tears wiped! A wonderful organization doing a great job!


EDL offers positive messages!

Here are a few examples!

   Life is a journey. We learn with every twist and turn. Don’t let situations steer you off course. Only you know what is best for you. Be the captain of your own ship and sail the way you know how too.   "I am not afraid of storms for I

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Main Benefits

Possibly receive financial help and receive multiple resources too. Their resources will not be helpful to everyone. However some will benefit.


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EDL's Free program offers financial help four months out of the year if chosen. There is no risk or cost registering for free.

Formal Application

EDL's Formal Application program considers your situation for a total of 12 months (in the months listed below).

 January, April, July, October +  February, May, August, and November

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EDL's Membership program comes with multiple benefits like $300 quarterly giveaways, private database, newsletters and updates. Best of all your situation will be considered in each month your membership remains active.

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A word from the EDL Founder


I'm  James

   Here is a little snippet about me. In the middle of law school, 2010, I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury while on a motorcycle. I had to relearn how to do the most basic activities like walking and talking.

   This injury I sustained and the difficulties that come with it, remind us of our values as a business. At EDL we truly understand how difficult it is to go through the day-to-day struggles of life. Living life can be so hard sometimes. That is why we highly consider “life struggles” as a main factor when determining who gets financial help.

    It feels great to know EDL makes a difference and I, personally, take great pride in being able to help someone in a time of need. I know a little help goes a long way. Unfortunately, EDL cannot help everyone. However, multiple individuals have been helped by EDL over the years. Register for Free Today! EDL "might" be able to help you next! Read More...