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EDL's goal is to help low income individuals by providing financial help and resources "if chosen." They have helped individuals in need since 2013. Unfortunately, they cannot financially help everyone. Read what some of their clients have said about the organization below.


Main Benefits

Possibly receive financial help and receive multiple resources too. Their resources will not be helpful to everyone. However some will benefit.

Register for Free

EDL's Free program offers financial help four months out of the year if chosen. There is no risk or cost registering for free.

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Formal Application

EDL's Formal Application program considers your situation for a total of 12 months (in the months listed below).

 January, April, July, October +  February, May, August, and November

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EDL Membership

EDL's Membership program comes with multiple benefits like $300 quarterly giveaways, private database, newsletters and updates. Best of all your situation will only be considered from the private database and you get to submit a "members" application. This application is different from their "formal" application.

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EDL offers positive messages!

Here are a few examples!

   Life throws us curve balls, but it is up to us to adapt even if we do not want to. You might be thinking that life was perfect before. You don’t want things to change. Everyday is a difficult and a struggle now. However you can still choose to

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